Horror writer and publisher for 43 years:

Hi, I’m R. D. Peters and I’m primarily a horror writer, although I do write mystery, science fiction, espionage and suspense. I have over 100 short stories written, and still adding new ones occasionally. This is not counting many novels in print as well. I’m presently retired from corporate work and indulge more into writing and video productions now to keep the mind and body healthy. Staying active seems to be the key to a long and happy life. Now that I have more time, it seems I get less done since I have so much work already created needing managed and promoted constantly. New technology demands closing clunky old websites and opening new, while reprints of former books requires learning curves with newer software. I have many things to be proud of, but one of my most I feel compelled to boast about is, that none of the big publishing houses and their unioned up people ever forced Iron Pyramid Publications to stop or shut down. This is a very big feat since I stopped counting when other independent writer/publishers put under reached a number of 500 many years ago. There was once a website dedicated to tracking the dead independents throwing in the towel. Instead, I danced on the grave of large publishers who didn’t sail with the winds of change. I don’t have a lot of time to invest here anymore but I’ll try to manage a little blurb here each week since Iron Pyramid Publications is far-reaching across the web. This blog will give fans a place to still receive information about the old Iron Pyramid and to keep up with my new projects, now more hobby and therapy than anything else. Here’s the link to my new website:


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The blog has changed again to become one dedicated to my past publishing company, Iron Pyramid Publications. No, we didn’t go out of business due to losing money or by pressure from competitors, but instead my health forced me into retirement. And now, I do the writing, publishing and video making more as a hobby, and to leave my mark. Also, I don’t see retirement as a state of inactivity, but as a time for fulfillment. There is now an abundance of time and writing is the perfect activity for someone with health problems. The only physical activity needed is that of typing into a keyboard and getting up from my chair about once an hour to go outside with my dog who reminds me I need to keep my blood moving. Shih Huang is perhaps the best guardian angel anyone could ask for. Anyways, I’ll be returning here with this new agenda on a regular basis. This is also a time for spending more precious time with my wife who has diligently supported my interests over the years. Betty is a saint.